@831: The local directory for small businesses during COVID-19

This generation, including of course millennials and centennials, had to struggle with something that has no precedent in our recent history. We all had to learn by ourselves how to redefine our lives to accept the new reality with the Covid19. 

This year taught us the value of simplicity. We discovered that life lays in the small things and details we never paid attention to before.

Life suddenly stopped and made us more empathetic, thinking about others and realizing that we are social beings and that is not possible to live without social interaction.

The first months of 2020 pushed businesses to optimize their processes due to the necessity for cost savings, getting high efficiency, and ensuring business continuity despite market conditions.

However, there were other many small businesses with another key necessity: Visibility. 

When Covid19 hit the world, the CEO of Bees2Biz LLC, a technology company that has its world headquarters in Watsonville California, found a great opportunity to help small businesses in the area that based their operations on serving customers directly in their stores. 

Partnering with DigitalNest and Looker, Bees2Biz developed @831, a digital local directory for Watsonville as a free network of local businesses owned and operated by local families and supported by the local communities. The name comes from the area code number and gives the strength of the local identity.

Any business in the area can join the digital platform to promote their products and services, getting visibility among customers who find in the directory local food, bakery, laundry, home improvement, and other products and services that keep active the local economy.

This is just an example of how digital transformation can help companies operate as smoothly as possible, remain active and competitive during and following an economic crisis.

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