Bees2Biz, leading player in the 4.0 revolution of Colombian Industry

Bees2Biz and its work team has been one of the selected in the call for BLOCKCHAIN AND DATA ANALYTICS FOR DIGITAL INDUSTRIES.

We thank the Minister of Information Technology and Communications, and her team, for having selected us in this call in which about 435 companies applied.

Now we are ready to continue the stage of strengthening the business models and value chain of the companies with whom we have contact.

For us it is very important to continue collaborating with the economic reactivation of companies, their continued growth and the achievement of all their objectives.

For us, Bees2Biz, it is a pride of our entire team to continue generating opportunities, with the objective that more companies in the Digital Creative Industry and IT become stronger, can adopt and incorporate 4RI technologies (Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain), improve their value chain, and acquire skills for market knowledge and the commercialization of goods and services.

We are committed to the importance of this call and we will take full advantage of each of the benefits and opportunities generated in this BLOCKCHAIN AND DATA ANALYTICS FOR DIGITAL INDUSTRIES process.

Rafael Rojas Moncada

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