A new App in town, and We were part of their journey!

We are happy to be part of this new app solution release that has been part of our “core” for the last 3 years. It’s been a fantastic journey to be able to be the technology partner for ecpunch and be able not only to develop their vision but also working hands on with their team in each stage of the process from an idea to product and market entry.

We invite you to see the interview that one of the most relevant organizations in Santa Cruz County, CA USA https://santacruzworks.org did to one of the co-founders of this startup, He explains the origin of the idea, the main features and how this App is helping businesses run their businesses SMART & SAFE! Safe for CUSTOMERS, employees and CUSTOMERS while following up COVID19 re-opening protocols!

We invite you to see the interview here: https://www.santacruzworks.org/news/11yjz1nmiq9b6oplodxy62ee5j9pzd

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