Is there a lack of personnel for your Development?

Now you can import talent into your project

Let’s suppose you have an idea, or a development to accomplish in record time.

In order to do this you will need:

  • To find an already trained and experienced development team.
  • A team that adapts easily to the ecosystem, requirements and culture of your company.
  • To save time in long interviews and background checks.
  • A team that speaks and understands your same language.
  • Them to be locally or at least having a cultural and technological advantage with the location of your company
  • To do all this in a short period. So that it does not add time to your development.

It seems like an impossible task or something to assign to talent agencies that charge too much and only offer job placement.

The most convenient option is to hire developers already trained through a company that already has this kind of staff available and, in addition, takes care of everything related to the experience and background checking and their payroll payment in their local currency.

At Bees2biz we have at our disposal a good group of professionals already trained to embrace the projects that your company has.

Unlike hiring workers on platforms such as Freelance or Upwork, at Bees2biz developers have already gone through rigorous selection processes in which we will save you interview and verification time

Bees2Biz has professionals in Colombia, which makes it easier to be located in the same hemisphere and in one of the countries with a corporate, technological and social culture similar to that of North America. This makes it easier to connect projects and adapt to your company’s methodologies.

Having remote developers saves costs by not requiring a physical infrastructure. There is greater control over your employee activities and a greater adaptation in the work organization. It also makes it easier for the company to expand geographically in a more economical way.

For all these more advantages we can help you with your development or in the process in which you need to periodically expand and get trained talent for your project.


One of the largest diagnostic laboratories in the world based in Colombia needed to adapt its desktop application to the web. in order to do this, its internal development team demanded a long learning curve, this is where Bees2biz begins to do its work. One of our talents joins the lab’s development team. With his knowledge, experience and specific skills he prints speed and continuity to the process to adapt the application. With this intervention, the execution of the project has taken half the time that was initially planned.


A marketing agency dedicated to developing advertising projects had difficulties when developing websites for their clients. Now with Luis, a Bees2biz talent in their agency, they can say YES to any web project that may be presented. They work this way: the agency is in charge of the design and functions of the websites and Luis, our Bees2biz talent is in charge of the websites development, additionally provides continuous consultancy and support on related issues. Thanks to this, the agency has tripled its response capacity and consequently its number of accounts.


An NGO dedicated to developing virtual technical programs aimed at young people from vulnerable areas needed a front end developer to solve an essential issue. Hernan, our Bees2biz talent was designated for this project due to his skills, experiences and affinities, as a result the NGO virtual programs development is currently functional and effective, more young people have come to their programs and their academic dropout has been decreasing.

Let us know how we can help you. Bees2biz

Rafael Rojas Moncada

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