Latino in lockdown develops application to verify Biosecurity

While enclosure was being developed in the state of California, as in many places around the world, a Latino developed an application that allows managers to control employees biosafety and have it as a guarantee of compliance to authorities and entities that require it.

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Through our application, the business owner allows the employee to perform a self-examination before arriving at work and has the peace of mind that if an employee has symptoms before arriving at work, he/she is already reported and can take preventive measures.” Francisco Rojas creator of ECPUNCH app

The ECPUNCH application allows not only to have the daily sanitary record, but also allows the historical record of the temperature and health status of the employee. In this way, the company’s well-being can be monitored for statistical data.

In addition, it is possible to have a record, in real time, of the health of each employee. Even before the employee leaves home. There is a mobile version of the app.

Also, ECPUNH provides a complete record of work activities in the field and real-time production metrics.

Through the use of agricultural logistics –adapted to the processes of different companies-, it is possible to take into account the collection process and productivity as well as to manage human resources by creating and organizing work orders of individuals or groups of people at the same time.

Having real-time metrics in the palm of your hand, or in your desktop version, allows you to perform statistical analysis in less time, make decisions to improve productivity and certify the performance of all processes.

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If you want to know more about ECPUNCH or have difficulties in tracking your processes, leave us your details, we are ready to help you

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