Developing Strategies & Implementing Technology for Your Nonprofit Organization

Stop dealing with multiple data sources and manual reports to show the results of your Non Profit

Reduce the amount of platforms and optimize the operational processes along the Agency. Engage your Stakeholders in one platform, increase visibility and get the data you are looking for to support your grants and fundraising initiatives.

Your Vision

Let us know your goals and challenges, we will build a roadmap to get you there.

- Streamline your operational processes and reduce data entry.
- Reduce the amount of sources of data.
- Improve the interacion with Stakeholders.


Manage & Control:
- Grow donors, members and volunteers by having constant interaction with them.
- Unify the Agency brand across communication channels.
- Maximize the marketing tools to create Awareness.

Better Experience

All your tools in one single place?

Yes this is possible, we help you minimizing the amount of tools you use to run your Agency. Via your website!

Available Data

Access real time data to create reporting for finance, development, programs etc.

Create a Data Driven Organization based on Business Intelligence practices with Your Own Data



Based on your needs we analyze Operational Processes, Tools and Sources of Data.
We show you options where to get the data from and what tools to integrate/develop/implement


Keep Focusing on your Goals While We Focus on your Technology!

We Develop appropriate technology strategy where you get frequent updates and thoughtful solutions through every step of the process.


We will build a long lasting relationship with your team and provide on-going technology leadership!

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