Technology 4.0 applied to Agriculture

Imagine having real-time agricultural production data in the palm of your hand!

4.0 technology has reached every corner of society and agriculture is no stranger to it.

ECPUNCH and Bees2Biz has designed a system to generate technological competitiveness in agriculture, which measures productivity in real time of all processes of harvesting field products.

Having this in mind, a pilot project is being carried out with Colombia’s most representative product: Coffee.  

Coffee, which is one of the few products that has resisted the industrial revolution, has nowadays a need for renovation that allows it to innovate and maintain its competitiveness while preserving its artisanal production that has characterized its quality for almost 300 years. 

This is why ECPUNCH and Bees2Biz have designed a tool that allows measuring in real time all the processes, production and maintenance of coffee plantations. In this way it does not interfere with or modify the coffee culture in any way. It optimizes it.

ECPUNCH allows you real-time metrics on your desktop, or in the palm of your hand (there is also a mobile version). This allows you to know first hand the data to make decisions more quickly and effectively and to maintain or improve the competitiveness and quality of the product. It also allows to effectively parameterize and measure the use of inputs and to know the stock available. 

This is supported by Blochchain technology that applied to agriculture improves traceability and efficiency of data supply through the implementation of the block chains to the field activity. 

Applying blockchain technology in agriculture creates a more efficient and consistent source of data throughout the entire production, so traceability can be chosen in a more secure and accurate way.

ECPUNCH allows to control and measure total productions per farm, per lot and direct traceability of coffee for the management of specialty coffees.

In addition, it includes an option that allows the verification of the biosecurity of the workers, since the ECPUNCH application allows not only to have a daily record of compliance with sanitary measures, but also allows the historical record of the temperature and state of health of the employee. In this way, the company’s well-being can be monitored for statistical data.

Click here for more information on Biosafety control.

We know that the world requires change and innovation. We also know that there are traditions that need to be maintained and complemented with the new challenges that the market demands.

We invite you to be part of the fourth industrial revolution and have data in real time that allow you to make the right choices at the right moment.

Tell us how to parameterize the processes of your work or crop and what challenges you have at the time of collecting and controlling the information.

Our team is ready to listen and meet your traceability and data collection needs. And that you can have your own company’s information in real time and in a centralized way. Please leave us your email below and write to us how we can help you or what inconvenience you have at the moment of centralizing your information.

We are attentive to help you.

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