The Virtual Graduation Platform a solution from a COVID 19 challenge

In early May 2020, seven high school Principals in the Silicon Valley region attended a virtual meeting to share ideas about how to make their seniors’ graduation ceremony a memorable experience.  Humankind was forced to accept a new reality due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and during the meeting, not only simple ideas but also creative ones were presented to accomplish the mission that seemed to be impossible.

For the 1200 seniors who were ready to receive their diplomas on June 5th, being the first generation in history without having a real graduation ceremony could be shocking when considering that in the American society, this important ceremony is the last family event before graduates leave home to start college.

One of the most remarkable ideas that came out during the meeting suggested recording videos to be presented to the audience in a digital room with the seniors, their families, and friends, so they contacted a local digital agency to get a quote for recording and editing 1200 videos. 

Regardless of the budget, the project would have demanded a large group of professionals to have the task done by the time the videos were required. Additionally, the result would have not been as outstanding as they all thought it would be. This was the perfect moment for the digital transformation agency to bring out its main business battle card: Innovation.

The leader of the project shared with the team the summary of the problem that Principals were facing, and after a detailed design thinking process, the team brought to life a new product: a digital platform named WEMI in which graduation ceremonies can take place digitally including all the features that have to be considered when planning a social event, from sending the invitations, setting all the agenda items, to perform live speeches.

Francisco Rojas, CEO of the company and a family man, invited his three children to be part of the committee in charge of defining the name of the platform. He asked them: “How do you express joy and satisfaction when achieving a goal?” and “How do you express excitement when you win a match?” The objective for those questions was to get the real language used by the students, who were the real target involved in the digital platform as final users. 

The answer they shout out unanimously was “We made it”, and the expression was redefined in a single word to make it stickier and easily recognizable.

Thanks to WEMI, the 1200 seniors who received their diplomas had the chance to live a different ceremony to celebrate this special moment in their lives, and The Pajaro Valley United School District Principals found what they were looking for in this unique digital platform. 

Bees2Biz as a company showed again commitment and passion when creating real solutions for the community. They understand that technology offers endless options to positively transform lives and that every situation people call “crisis” hides at least one opportunity to be innovative.

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