We became AWS partner!!!

Bees2Biz in its process of growth and innovation, has got the attention of AWS (Amazon Web Service) , the cloud on the Amazon platform. This great alliance will result in better service, greater availability and support for all our customers.

With this accompaniment Bees2Biz will have more capacity to create solutions and services for everyone we contact with.

The support of the AWS cloud, your company is not only in safer hands but in a better position and operational capacity to offer you more accurate processes and stronger privacy and data protection.

The support and confidence of AWS as a partner, enhances the capacity of our platforms, applications and the quality of all our development and logistics processes. In addition to ensuring the security of data handling and information flow for all those who rely on us.

Your data and your company’s data will be stored on the most secure servers on the planet!

This partnership rewards the quality with which we have been developing our products and services, in addition to expanding the ability to reach more people anywhere in the world. 

This alliance is now a reality thanks to the achievements that have been born from our innovation and development laboratory, so that the logistics of real-world activities can be measured and quantified in the cloud in real time. This optimizes and improves productivity and monitoring of the entire production chain and processes inherent to human resources. We also drew attention to the development of one of our platforms that provides the ability to conduct mass events, academic and family events in the cloud. 

The duo of Bees2Bbiz and AWS allows us to continue growing and reaching very important sectors, where we can offer our knowledge and experience to improve their productivity, such as Healthcare, Education, Government sectors and non-profit organizations, helping to improve processes and obtain relevant and more accurate measurements and information.

As a company we are constantly growing and improving to help our clients and strategic allies in their production processes and in the management of their human resources. 

Our commitment is to help in the construction of a better society through the use and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the most adopted and complete cloud platform in the world. This worldwide leading company has the Cloud very firmly on the ground with more than 200 data centers globally and the trust of millions of companies from different markets.

Bees2Biz is a leader in creating applications to maintain performance, productivity and the ties between people and organizations. 

Bees2biz has a multidisciplinary team that works remotely, from their homes, maintaining uninterrupted service, support and attention during this crisis.

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