Is a popular phrase that expresses the satisfaction of achieving a goal or conquering a step-in life. This is probably the best illustration for showing the happiness and pride you feel when obtaining a much-desired bachelor’s degree.

Keeping in mind, the thought of providing support, cohesion, and solidarity, to students worldwide who have suffered from the effects that COVID-19 brought to humanity, an interdisciplinary team who works together digitally from places all over the world, launched the WEMI project, named as the abbreviation of that cry of youthful exaltation and keeping the focus on the more than 1,200 graduates from 7 schools in the community of Pajaro Valley in California. The concept was to create a virtual ceremony through a digital platform, which would allow gathering not only the students, teachers, and school leaders but also the relatives and friends of the graduate’s, in a single virtual celebration space.

Following all the security protocols, each student manages their own username and password and from there they can send invitations to their family and friends.

A virtual room, hosted in the cloud, awaits on the day of the graduation with a countdown clock, which when getting 00:00:00 automatically activates, leaving the entrance open for guests to develop the points established in the agenda of the day. Be part of this amazing digital celebration on June 5th at 9:30 am by clicking

Looking to bring people together and celebrate?

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