Why the software development teams are now on Colombia?

Colombia has been growing in different industries. One of the most notorious industry growths is the Software Development, the government has invested in the last year around $6.8 Billion dollars for TI training programs. The amount of companies from all over the world now hiring Developers from this country and bringing remote development industry to an exponential growth, shows that hiring specialized talent is not only cheaper than doing it on other countries but because of the high demand on specialized profiles could be easily be found consolidating Colombia as an international technology benchmark. According with IDC, between 2003 and 2015, the Colombian IT sector had five-fold its size. Colombia is the third largest IT services provider in Latin America behind Brazil and Mexico; sales reached $2.4 billion USD led by outsourcing and support and development services.

The two main cities of Colombia leading TI, Innovation and Investigation investment are Bogotá the capital and Medellín. On example of the high interests from government to get TI Industry into one of the biggest is the fact that only on 2013 Medellin invested $389 Million USD for 10 years of continuous growth. Other facts related to investment on the industries, call numbers passing the $100 Million USD on join venture capital for StartUps, not having in the list the recent investment on the first called “Unicorn” company Rappi, who has received more than $600 Million USD and has a valuation north of $1 Billion USD.

The Bees2Biz team is led by people who talks and do projects around orange economy, trade finance, healthcare, logistics and more. All that by making reference to new technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data, RPA, Chatbots, generating more than solutions but making real and scalable projects that are pioneer solutions on every country Bees2Biz has clients.
All those facts and the amount of companies supporting I+D (Investigation and Development) merging Innovation as the head of the new ecosystem brings real facts that encourages companies to work and invest in Colombia.

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